Interview with Noelette Hanley Chief Officer of Luton Irish Forum. Luton Irish Forum supports the Irish community in Luton to reach their full potential by providing welfare, social, cultural, and volunteering opportunities. Learn more about Luton Irish Forum, Visit Luton Irish Forum Website  

On a calm yet windy late afternoon in North London; sounds of music and laughter can be heard from afar in the N15 district. Noises of children running around, Afrobeats, Brazilians going to church and cheerful Congolese within warehouse units made up for the rather urban and rundown exterior feel of Tottenham’s Fountayne Road. Portuguese, […]

When did you first become interested in films? I remember being interested in films back in 1999 after watching “The Matrix” five times in the cinema. That hasn’t happened to me before or since. The film had themes, ideas, religion, kung-Fu, bullet time and philosophy all wrapped up in one. It’s my favorite film of […]

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