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Luton based charity, Protect Project gears up on safeguarding African children

“Children who maliciously share sexually explicit pictures of them will face prosecution under new laws…”, indicated Mandy Park, Named Professional For Safeguarding Children at East London NHS Foundation Trust.

Hence, Mandy Park shared these professional advices during the training  she provided on Child Abuse “The impact of some cultural and faith practices on Black African Children” at Luton Marsh Farm Futures in partnership with Protect Project Charity

According to Mandy, the scale of Black African children victim of abuse in Luton “is not catastrophic, but, needs to be addressed and prevented” . The participants of the training learned the key factors that leads to child abuse which have been identified as the following: social, cultural isolation, beliefs, overriding self interest, conflict within families, religious and culture distract from Child protection procedures, professional misconceptions, lack of knowledge and confidence, challenge of children displaying own self identification, spirit possession, interplay with mental health and relationships. Mandy explained how these factors can contribute to child abuse within the African community.

Raoul Pita, Protect Project Project Coordinator was happy at the success of the training and promised of they will continue to work with the local authority and relevant bodies to create awareness on the issues of child abuse within the African community.

By @juniorbadila,

Broadcaster and Child Abuse Officer


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