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Interview With Ruth Njenga- Aspiring Artist

9 December 2016 Interviews News

Artist name: Ruth Njenga

Artistry/Art form: African Art by Ruth Njenga

Ruth Njenga, an aspiring and talented young artist  born and raised in Kenya. Came to England at the age of 7 with her family at age 7.  While at junior school, Ruth discovered her talent in art. She work as a part-time artist and currently studying Fine art at the university of Hertfordshire. Ruth have over the years  entered many colouring competitions and won many awards.

What inspires your work?

My Art work is drawn from past life experiences , real life events and the inner mind. My pieces all tell different stories. Some of them do not have a specific meaning as they are drawn straight from the heart and mind. I want viewers of my work to also create their own interpretation of my work and to create their own meaning in order to have their own personal connection with a piece. I enjoying using various mix media in order to draw curiosity and enjoy putting different mediums together such as fabric and acrylic paint.My Art is also my voice and the things I cannot put Into words I can create. Art has been my passion since the age of 7. I love using colour and texture to create a more interesting vibrant composition. I do not plan any piece and each piece comes straight from the mind and onto the canvas. I enjoy using colour as I came from a poor background where we could not afford paints and different colours but instead used chalks to draw, so the day I laid my hands on colours I was intrigued as to how beautiful they were and the different compositions I could create with them.

photo 2

What’s your favorite piece of work that you have created?

Real Woman’ Is my favourite piece because of the use of colour and subject behind it. I Love that the piece highlights the natural beauty of a woman, and the significance of being a real to yourself first. I love how I have made the woman stand out in the piece and my unique use of pattern.


How long does it take on average to complete each piece?

On average it takes at least 7 hours to complete each piece, however I rarely finish a piece as  I see new things in each piece the longer I have it for and continuously paint more on it or over it. I can paint over the same piece more than 5 times as I’m never really satisfied with it.

Does your work have any particular message?

Some of the pieces spread motivational messages based of my past experiences and I want my art to leave a piece of my art wherever it is placed and build a connection with the viewer in its own personal way.

Who is your favorite artist?

Chris Offili is my favourite artist because I love his use of colour and pattern. I love how each piece also has a subject behind it. I love that each piece gives out an authentic feel and his use of mix media. He incorporates his culture in his work, like I do and I feel that also allows me to connect with him more.

Is it challenging working as artist?

My parents were very strict with education and didn’t see art as career path. But I had to follow my heart and I still am , hoping that one day I will make it.

What Advise do have for other aspiring artist like you?

I would tell anyone who has a passion for something to follow their heart and work hard and you will prove those who did not believe in you wrong. Life is a constant challenge ,but you have to do what makes you happy because you only live once.

What are your goals for the future? 

My goals for the future is to teach art or be an art therapist as well as be a working artist. But at the moment I am working on commissions  and hoping to set up a stall at the Luton market.

How and where can people go to see your work?

Most of art piece can be seen via Facebook/Instagram – Ruth Njenga Art



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